Access to high quality cross-border insurance solutions

We know that many of our clients operate in a globalised world and face complex challenges when it comes to getting international business insurance. Local laws and regulations constantly change in every country and finding accurate and customisable insurance solutions means that as an insurance broker, we have to stay one step ahead.

So we are proud to be a part of unisonSteadfast, an international network of close to 600 medium-sized independent broker members represented in more than 130 different countries.

Being a member of unisonSteadfast allows us to support multinational clients with local, motivated and recognised expertise – so we can help our clients grow and provide excellent service to those businesses that need immediate international insurance solutions.

No two customers have the exact same aspirations and no two markets are alike. Our membership in the unisonSteadfast network therefore gives us access to a global platform of like-minded brokers looking for the right solutions so we can better serve our clients.


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Key Benefits:

  • Co-ordination of high quality cross-border insurance services and solutions
  • Continuous updates on international insurance, compliance, tax regulations and law
  • Access to international insurance specialists across every business and industry that we operate in
  • Access to central insurance programs with the integration of local markets
  • Flexible and fast claims handling and legal assistance