13th September 2018

Protean Risk becomes member of CryptoUK

Tagged: Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Payment Service Providers

Protean Risk, a specialist insurance broker for asset management financial services, and technology firms have become an affiliate member of CryptoUK, the first self-regulatory trade association for the UK crypto currency industry, established to promote higher codes of conduct.

CryptoUK were formed in February this year and have since made significant progress in their campaign for appropriate regulation of the cryptocurrency industry through developing a code of conduct aimed at boosting consumer protection and providing a blueprint for policy-makers. CryptoUK have also been proactive in working with the British government, Her Majesty’s Treasury, Fintech institutions and research groups to analyse and promote legislative procedures in the digital assets arena.

Nathan Sewell, CEO, Protean Risk said “As specialist insurance providers dedicated to supporting clients in the cryptocurrency sector, our membership to Crypto UK demonstrates our desire to be at the forefront of the insurance market when it comes to cryptocurrency risks. We recently launched a team dedicated to firms in the Fintech and Payment Services arena, which has a specific focus on cryptocurrency and digital assets. We support regulation in the industry to improve its market credibility and the respectability it conveys. As such, we look forward to working with CryptoUK to campaign for the industry in the long term.”

Media Enquiries

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Notes to Editors

Protean Risk is a Lloyd’s broker that provides specialist insurance broking services to firms in the investment industry, financial services and technology sectors. We now have over 500 clients in these sectors ranging from start-ups to international corporations.

Protean Risk has set itself apart as an insurance provider by creating new and innovative insurance products and solutions, as demonstrated by launching PSD Bond in 2018 and developing the first ‘PSD2 compliant’ PI insurance policy. We now place insurance for the majority of UK authorised AISP and PISP firms. Our objective is to continue our innovative approach in the crypto sector.

When Protean Risk was formed in 2008, the aim was to combine the knowledge and experience gained from working for large, global insurance broking firms with a high level of personal service and attention. We recognised the importance of this personal approach in helping companies achieve better insurance results. Remaining true to our core values of sector specialisation, personal service and problem solving, has helped us to grow and in 2016 we became a Lloyd’s Broker.